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Kampoul Adventure Tour (K.A. Tour) is a company registered by the Ministry of Tourism of the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Kampoul Adventure Tour is proud to have been operating since 2003. Kampoul Adventure Tour is located on Wat Bo Road, in Siem Reap and offers quality and reputable services in the field of national tourism.

With over 13 years of experience in the tourism & hospitality industry Kampoul Adventure Tours are specialists. Our staff and operators are able to offer a superior degree of service due to the extensive knowledge we have gained providing a wide range of tours to a broad range of clients both national and international. Our past clients have had a variety of requests and expectations which have included such things as eco-tourism, archaeological and religious expeditions, sporting packages or simple shopping tours.

At Kampoul Adventure Tours we are committed to providing our clients with an exceptional service and tour experience. We source reputable accommodation and expert tour guides that are able to accompany you to all the well known tourist attractions plus take you off the beaten track to immerse yourself in the beauty and excitement of Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonders. We have successfully organised tours for individuals, couples, school and corporate groups.

Kampoul Adventure Tours can tailor a package to your specific needs and has previously arranged weddings and wedding receptions, conferences, and folkloric shows. Introductions to monks and novices while attending Buddhist ceremonies. Camping, cooking classes, trekking, elephant interactions and much, much more. Choose from our set packages or let Kampoul Adventure Tours create a unique and unforgettable experience of a lifetime tailored to you and your expectations.


Our license covers the following business activities in the tourism sector :

  • In-bound tours
  • Out-bound tours
  • Community Projects
  • Study Tours
  • Unique adventure trips
  • Transportation services
  • Worldwide hotel reservations
  • Domestic and International Airline Ticketing

13 дней треккинг тур


Тур-код: AT-008
Продолжительность: 13 дней / 12 ночей
Пункт назначения: храм Banteay Ampil, Beang Mealea, Prasat КОК Чен, SRASH TA EY SEY и PRSAT DAMREY KRAL, Ангкор КОМПЛЕКС
Самое интересное: походы и кемпинг


cambodia Тур-код: CT-004
Продолжительность: камбоджийских 15D14N МАРШРУТ
Направление: Пномпень, Баттамбанг и северо-восточных провинциях
Самое интересное: Жизнь в городе, меньшинства на северо-западе, историческое место и культуры.


cambodia Тур-код: CT-O02
Продолжительность: Камбоджа 9 ДНЕЙ 8 ночей
Пункт назначения: Сием-Рип, Кампонгтхом, РЬот Пень и Сиануквиль
Самое интересное: историческое место, пляж и культура в Камбодже

30-дневный тур в Камбодже

cambodia Тур-код: CT-006
Продолжительность: Камбоджа 30 дней / 29 ночей
Пункт назначения: Сием-Рип, Kamung Тома, Preh Vihear, Utdormeanchey, Баттамбанг, Пномпень и Sihanukvill, Kompungcham, Kratie и кампунг Чанг.


cambodia Тур-код: CT-O03
Продолжительность: Камбоджа 13 дней 12 ночей
Пункт назначения: Mondulkiri, Сием-Рип и Пномпень
Самое интересное: историческое место, треккинг, гольф, культура камбоджийской и городской жизни.

49 ДЕНЬ камбоджийских ТУР

cambodia Тур Код: OT-O05
Продолжительность: 3 ночи 4дня (Узнать столицу Ангкор)
Пункт назначения: Сием-Рип ...
Самое интересное: Ангкор-Ват, Байон, плавающие деревни и Тапром

Registered Address

No. 0593, Wat Bo Road, Siem Reap (Angkor) Cambodia
H/P: +855-92-979-000
TEL: +855-63-767-967
FAX: +855-63-965-865
E-mail: info@adventure.com.kh

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